Revolution Laser Tag & Arcade: 7,000 Square Feet of Fun

revolution laser tag arena

Revolution Laser Tag & Arcade offers a truly unique experience in laser tag fun. We offer the largest arena in Michigan that is specifically designed for dynamic, balanced, and exciting games. In fact, we’ve hosted several professional laser tag tournaments in the past due to the excellent design of our arena. The twisting hallways, ramps, and multi-level environment is perfect for ambushes, sniping, and sneaking up on your opponents.

Don’t believe us? Play a game today and see for yourself!

revolution laser tag & arcade arena
revolution laser tag arena

Unique features of our laser tag arena:

  • Two distinct levels
  • 7,000 square feet of play area
  • Bases for players to tag for extra points
  • Nuclear reactor that melts down to freeze players
  • Variety of vantage points
  • 40 player capacity
  • Murals of planets, aliens, and meteors for an immersive experience